Kitchen Renovation

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May I present our newly renovated kitchen!  Scott and I are definitely still in the “Do we really live here?!?” phase.  We’re very happy with the results.  And I’m so glad because mid-reno, when we were on our fifth week of being gypsies with a toddler and in the fourth house we were staying in, I couldn’t see an end in sight and I thought we had lost our minds.  Carter did his time sleeping in a pack-n-play, and we cleaned someone else’s house each week before we packed up and moved on to the next.  But now that the dust has settled, and so have we, I realize that it was all worth it and I would do it again.  I believe that loving your home is important and I’m so grateful to come home to our newly updated kitchen and my family each night.

Two is a Zoo Birthday Party

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We’ve heard Two is a Zoo!  So we decided to embrace the chaos and throw our little guy a wild bash fit for a pack of party animals. 

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2018

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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2018

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, actually six weeks to be exact.  But if you’re a planner like, me and want to get a jump start on shopping, look no further.  I’ve put together a Gift Guide for a little something to go with those hand-printed cards and macaroni necklaces.

XO, Libby

1. Military Jean Jacket || 2. A Pretty Apron (also here, here & here)

3. A Gorgeous Beach Towel (also in coral)

4. Mimosa Sun Hat  (also comes in Off Duty, Sunkissed, Beach Bum + You, Me & the Sea )

5. Satin Slides (on sale here, similar here & a gorgeous splurge pair here)

6. A Dainty Zoe Chicco Ring (also in turquoise, and gorgeous styles here, here and here)

7. Outdoor Voices Leggings (also here, here & here)

8. The Season’s It Bag (also in natural, tortoise and black)

9. Modern Art Print (another one I love here)  || 10. Hexagonal Candle (and here)

10. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick || 11. Gingham Pom Pom SunDress (also in black/ coral)

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re like me and avoid the Black Friday crowds at all costs, I thought I’d share my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for those people who ate too much yesterday and would rather shop in their pajamas on the couch.  I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

XO, Libby

B&B Miscellaneous || November 2017

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MK & Missoni

In my second B&B Miscellaneous installment I will continue to share little tidbits about my life lately, things I like, do, want, etc. Hope you enjoy getting to know me a little better!  If you’d like to see more, check out my first installment.

Baby Boy’s First Birthday Party

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I recently started reading the 5 Love Languages and although I’m not very far into the book, I’m wondering if there is a “Making A Big Deal Out of Milestones, Events and Parties” love language?!  Because if so, that’s me to a T.  I live to celebrate the special occasions in life… baby showers, birthday parties, bachelorette parties… sign me up!  I will pin ideas, craft decorations, and be the first one there.

Carter’s first birthday party was no exception, and actually my inner party-planner took over and relished in the experience. 

Spring Event Inspo with Love of Character

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We have two really fun events coming up this week: The Kentucky Derby and Mother’s Day.  I’ve teamed up with Mary of Love of Character to bring you some serious hosting inspo!  When hosting such special occasions, it’s nice to keep things simple and easy… with quick cleanup – key for after party sanity!

Things I’ve Learned From My Grandmother

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Poppies Close Up

In celebration of my Grammy’s birthday tomorrow, and since I can’t be with her in Tucson to celebrate I’m writing a post including some of the wisdom she’s quietly bestowed over the years.

Let me first just put this out there, my grandmother is one of my very favorite people and I simply adore her.  She is 80-something years old (according to her, a lady never reveals her exact age) and claims to be born on a Leap Day which would make her a quarter of her true age.  She lives in the house my grandfather built during the summers and “snowbirds” in Arizona during the colder months.  Grammy remains very stylish, drives a convertible, enjoys being the hostess at a local pizza parlor when in Denver and loves a good margarita.  I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with my grandmother and have picked up on a few things along the way:

  • Dress up for any occasion.  Backyard barbeques are no excuse to look underdressed.
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream can be enjoyed year-round, and must be refrigerated.  Yes, refrigeration was in question at one point and my dear husband had to ingest some curdled Bailey’s to appease Grammy.  Yuck!
  • Put cream on your neck and always, always rub it upwards.  This I’ve been told time and time again prevents wrinkles.
  • Make more food than your guests can possibly eat, and then send the leftovers home with them as parting gifts.
  • Scrub your elbows.  There is no excuse for an ashy elbow.
  • Homemade popcorn and an old movie is the perfect way to spend a night.
  • Learn how to make at least one good pie for special occasions.  (Lemon meringue is one of Grammy’s specialties and it’s heavenly.)
  • Spend time outdoors walking or simply sitting on your back porch soaking up the beauty of nature.
  • If you don’t love your first name, go by your middle.
  • In writing this post, I’ve made a note to self:  Take more pictures with your grandmother so you can cherish them forever.

Poppies 1

Happy Birthday Grammy.  I love you and can’t wait for you to come back to Colorado!

Here’s to all of the strong, wise women in the world from who we can learn a thing or two.  May we know them.  May we raise them.  May we be them.

Poppies 2

Holiday 2015 Gift Guide

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Wrapped Presents

In the spirit of Black Friday, I thought I’d share a little gift giving inspiration.  This Holiday Gift Guide is part wish-list, part recommendation. So here’s to finding the perfect presents for the women in your life, whether they be a Jetsetter, a Fashionista, an amazing Hostess, a Fitness Junkie or perhaps a new mom.

P.S. If my friends and family are looking for something to get me this Christmas, look no further!

A Faux Fur Vest & Thanksgiving Prep

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This weekend was spent running around prepping for Thanksgiving and I enjoyed every second of it.  I absolutely love the holidays and I couldn’t be more excited to be hosting our family again.  This year will be the third consecutive year that we’ve hosted Thanksgiving and it’s becoming one of my favorite traditions.