Phoenix Family Photos & A Very Special Announcement!

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Hi there!  It’s been a while since I’ve actually created an outfit post or given you all a life update here on the blog and a lot has been going on in our world so I thought it was about time.  This year has been especially busy for us with our kid-free trip to Australia (as seen in these posts from Sydney, the Hunter Valley and Hamilton Island), our big first floor renovation, and just the daily life of two working parents with a toddler.

Yet somehow I feel like 2019 will be even busier.  If you follow my Instagram you already know that… we’re expecting another little angel in early February 2019!  And it’s a baby girl!  I could not be more excited and grateful.  I am honestly over the moon that we have a boy and are getting a girl, and that they’re both healthy which is truly such a blessing.  The pink, floral, ruffled baby clothes are piling up quick.  Life is good.


Pregnancy Announcement with Bow

I will be 25 weeks tomorrow and somehow I simultaneously feel like I’ve been pregnant forever and that this second pregnancy has flown by!  I think being in your first trimester during the summer is kind of hard because there are so many get-togethers and it’s hard to hide being pregnant for a wino and an open-book like me, especially when you’re not feeling very well.  Plus, I’m a really bad liar.  I just laugh and can’t keep a straight face (something my parents always found quite convenient).

This time around I was severely nauseous between weeks six through eight, but other than that I’ve had it pretty good.  Besides being hungry all of the time, I’ve just experienced my normal lightheadedness like I did when I was pregnant with Carter and now that I’m over half way to my due date, some leg cramps and stiff hips when I wake up in the morning.


And to make things even better, my sister-in-law Recia is also pregnant and due in March!  She is having her third boy and it’s been so fun to be expecting at the same time.


Davis-Kolble_2018-127^This is Spencer, her oldest.  Isn’t his face in this photo just priceless!?!


We made a quick trip down to Phoenix in September to see Scott’s family and truthfully because Recia and my mother-in-law were dragging my father-in-law to the Beyonce concert which I was dying to see and which he very graciously gave me his ticket.  Actually, I don’t think he had a problem with me straight up stealing his ticket because it got us down to Arizona!

We thought it was a good idea to take some family photos while we were in town, since we were both expecting and had cute little bumps.  I already feel like mine has tripled in size since these were taken!   Yikes.

Carter was honestly so crabby during these photos and it’s a miracle our photographer was able to capture any cute ones at all.  My in-laws have a pool in their backyard and on the morning of the day when we took these photos all of the boys were swimming and playing together.  Carter was so tired from trying to keep up with the big boys that he took an almost 4 hour nap and I had to wake him up, throw him in the shower with Scott and rush to take these photos.  He was not a happy camper.




On Me: Chambray Dress Borrowed from a Friend (really similar style here, a super affordable ruffled option, a bell-sleeved mini and a long-sleeved style ) || Hermes Dupe Slides!  (Worn in cognac.  Also in rose gold, white, black and silver.)

On Carter:  White Button Up (similar here) || Chambray Shorts || Baby Gap Boat Shoes currently sold out (similar here and here)

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