A Faux Fur Vest & Thanksgiving Prep

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This weekend was spent running around prepping for Thanksgiving and I enjoyed every second of it.  I absolutely love the holidays and I couldn’t be more excited to be hosting our family again.  This year will be the third consecutive year that we’ve hosted Thanksgiving and it’s becoming one of my favorite traditions.  We started hosting simply to use all of our china and goodies we received as wedding gifts back in 2013. But Thanksgiving is one of the few opportunities I have each year to break out the china, throw on my apron, set a tablescape and play Martha Stewart!  I love having the family over, checking the turkey roaster that I confiscated from my in-laws and making a mess out of our kitchen.



This faux fur vest is one of my favorite purchases of the season.  I’ve had it on repeat since it arrived on my doorstep last week!  It’s a real stand-out piece and adds an element over-the-top glamour to even the most simplistic outfit.  I love the long silhouette that goes perfect over skinny jeans and a basic t-shirt. Plus it’s incredibly warm and perfect for running Thanksgiving-prep errands.




On our Thanksgiving Menu:

Turkey & Gravy

Pickled Stuffing (a recipe from a friend’s mother)

Grammy’s Twice-Baked Potatoes

Green Bean Casserole

Italian Salad

Homemade Apple Pie (and a backup pumpkin pie from Costco in case my attempt at baking doesn’t go so well, and quite frankly because they’re delicious!)


What are your favorite Thanksgiving dishes?


Boots || Mini Crossbody Bag || Watch || Necklace || Ring

Similar styles can be found:

Faux Fur Vest: This flecked grey option will dress up even your most simplistic ensemble and is a great price point. Going for a 70’s chic vibe, check out this tan option.


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