B&B Miscellaneous || September 2017

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I thought sharing little tidbits about my life lately, things I like, do, want, etc. might be a fun way for you guys to get to know me a little better. So here goes:

  1. We recently just moved into the neighborhood where I grew up.  My dad lives three blocks away!  And while it wasn’t the neighborhood we had been targeting in our search for a new home, when we saw the house we knew it was the one for us.
  2. Carter just took his first steps and I think my heart skipped a beat.  I was so excited and the look on his face was priceless.  He was just so proud and gave the cutest little grin.Kfamily17-58
  3. And speaking of Carter’s grin…. he still has zero teeth!  He is 14 months old without a single tooth.  But my husband apparently got teeth at 15 months so I’m still waiting…
  4. I’m trying to make Carter’s Halloween costume from an idea I found on Pinterest.  DIY is definitely not my strong suit so I’m going to make my mom help me.  Keep us in your prayers!  LOLWhat I would do to wear this dress!!!!!! Carolina Herrera nailed it again.  Spring/Summer 2018 Ready to Wear
  5. I am seriously crushing on this Carolina Herrera dress from the Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-to-Wear Collection.  Gahhhh, what I would do to be able to wear this dress!
  6. I am a serial subscriber!  I currently have monthly subscriptions to Birchbox which sends you beauty items based on your preferences and RocksBox which lets you borrow jewelry and buy it as a discount rate if you just have to keep it (use LibbyBFF1 if you’d like to sign up).  I  also recently signed up for a weekly subscription to Hello Fresh which delivers perfectly proportioned ingredients for meals of your choice.
    IMG_5334 (5)
  7. A pair of these sock booties are making their way to make front porch and I’m so excited to open them up.  I also have been loving my new OTK boots!
    IMG_5014 (3)
  8. I’m a fledgling plant lady and have been working on furnishing our new home with plants.  My first purchase was this banana leaf plant as seen on my Instagram.  I put it in this seagrass basket which I am so in love with.  I also really like this two toned basket, this macrame basket and this basket with fringe which would all look really cool as planters.  I also have a sansevieria (mother-in-law’s tongue) plant in our entryway and am thinking of getting a fiddle leaf fig.  Next Spring I plan on adding a lot of flowers to our landscaping, but I’ve already planted two pink peony bushes in our backyard and I can’t wait for them to bloom!
  9. I’ve really been wanting to try this Beauty Dust.  It’s a plant-based concoction designed to protect your skin from damage and stress while enhancing elasticity, and was made by a mother and chef.  Has anyone tried it?  Let me know if you like it!  It’s currently sitting in my shopping cart.
  10. We’re going to the Broncos v. Raiders game this weekend and I’m so excited!  My girlfriends and I have a Fantasy Football league and I have CJ Anderson and the Broncos defense so double-yay for the Broncos!  We started our league a couple of years ago in an effort to get all of the girls into football, so the season wasn’t so boring.  I’d say our plan is working!  Instead of a Commissioner we have a “Queen” and it’s just really ridiculous and fun.

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you all have a great weekend!

XO, Libby

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