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Happy New Year everyone!  It’s still January, so technically I think it still applies.

We took these photos at the beginning of December for our holiday cards and it was literally freezing outside.  I think it was 20 degrees and we were so so cold.  You can tell by Carter’s little chapped nose.  Don’t worry we kept having him go to the car for warm ups after short spurts of taking pictures.  It was not the easiest photo session because we had to wake him up from too long of a nap, get him dressed and then stick him in the car to drive about 30 minutes from our house, which made him really crabby.  Plus, he was so upset that there were no animals on the “farm”.  He no joke talked about it for six weeks after we took these photos.  So notes to moms:  be careful where you choose to take family photos!  I had no idea this would be such an issue.




Come to think of it Carter was actually really irritable during our family photos in Phoenix too, again because we had to wake him up from an almost 4-hour nap.  But my sister-in-law is pregnant right now too and I love documenting important times in our lives with professional photos, so I’ll deal with the two-year-old tantrums and carry on!

Luckily, our photographer Libby Felche did an amazing job capturing our family despite the attitude and conditions.  (She also took our family photos last summer when Carter was one-year-old.)






These photos were taken at 17 Mile Park in Parker, Colorado when I was 30 weeks pregnant, which I think is a really good time to photograph a good-size bump without looking massive.  I think we took our maternity pictures when I was pregnant with Carter when I was 34 weeks and I was happy with those too.  I think any time in the first half of the third trimester is best!

I am currently 39 weeks and honestly cannot believe I’m still pregnant.  I had Carter at 37 weeks, so in my mind I am past due!  Plus, I thought she was coming twice last week but turns out both times were false alarms, so here we are.  I am just so excited to snuggle on baby girl!  But am also just trying to soak up one-on-one time with Carter, enjoy being a little family of three for a few more days and get as much sleep as possible.



On Me: Rachel Pally Maxi currently on sale and probably my most loved maternity staple over the holidays!  I love Rachel Pally because you can wear most of her styles with a bump, and after too.  Plus, the dresses are so flowy and have the softest fabric.  For some other amazing options in this color “Gamay”, check out this similar long-sleeve style here, a Caftan maxi, this side-slit turtleneck dress, and this flirty wrap dress.  All options in this color would be perfect for Valentine’s Day, ladies!

On Carter:  Velvet Newsboy Cap || Quilted Jacket is a hand-me-down (similar in navy, and found a tan quilted vest) || Skinny Jeans|| Brown Sneakers (similar here & here)

On Scott:  Goorin Brothers Hat || Navy Pea Coat (similar here & here) || Suede Boots (similar here, here & here)

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