Baby Boy’s First Birthday Party

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I recently started reading the 5 Love Languages and although I’m not very far into the book, I’m wondering if there is a “Making A Big Deal Out of Milestones, Events and Parties” love language?!  Because if so, that’s me to a T.  I live to celebrate the special occasions in life… baby showers, birthday parties, bachelorette parties… sign me up!  I will pin ideas, craft decorations, and be the first one there.

Carter’s first birthday party was no exception, and actually my inner party-planner took over and relished in the experience.  I decided that the theme of his birthday party would be primary colors… more of a color scheme I know, but nonetheless…  I mean the kid doesn’t know where his nose is, so I didn’t want to spend a lot of time with a theme he could care less about, but I did want to celebrate his birthday to the utmost.  He’s my first born little angel and since I make a big deal out of these things there was no way we weren’t having a party for him!  Plus, we made it through the first year of parenting and of course we had our ups and downs but I feel like we did a great job – what more could you want to celebrate!



IMG_1561^ Carter and his girlfriends.  We literally have one other little boy in our group of friends and he was napping when this picture was taken! 

FullSizeRender_4         ^ Two seconds later, Carter was over pictures.


I found these awesome jumbo confetti balloons which were the inspiration for Carter’s colored birthday party.  Then came these adorable rainbow party hats to go with and I really just added from there.  Blue striped plates, red striped and confetti napkins, gold paper straws, and a cute banner I made of Carter with pictures from each month of his first year.  (Yes, I am basically Martha Stewart!)


I ordered funfetti cupcakes for guests and a polka-dotted smash cake for my little man from my favorite Denver bakery, Mulberries Cake Shop.  They were delicious and funfetti is a staple at all of our major events.  We even had a funfetti wedding cake and I’m hoping to transfer my obsession to our son. 😉

And of course a cute outfit for the birthday boy was a must!  This multi-color striped romper is just the cutest.  I am loving Boden’s baby clothes and also picked up this striped sweatshirt for him.  This reversible rainbow colored hat and tee are also really similar and cute.

I took the day off of work for his actual birthday which was a Monday and we celebrated with a trip to the zoo including Carter’s first (and second) carousel ride and a good, solid nap.  It was a perfect day besides getting attacked by a crazed goose who was going after C’s puffs!


If you missed it, make sure to check out my heartfelt letter to my baby boy on his first birthday and my must-haves for the first year as a mom!

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