Champagne Cascade

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Champagne Cascade (1)

To celebrate the start of the holiday season, my friend Katie and I took time to attend the Champagne Cascade at The Brown Palace…. a champagne-lover’s paradise.  Katie and I are self-professed champagne aficionados, so much so that our husbands lovingly nicknamed us Bubbles #1 and Bubbles #2!

The annual event is held at The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa, an iconic hotel here in Denver that’s been open since 1892.  The landmark hotel is truly charming and regal in every way, and has hosted The Beatles, several Presidents and an array of other famous people over the years.

Champagne Cascade (2)

The Brown Palace is a personal favorite, especially during the holiday season.  In part because the hotel contains The Ship Tavern, a cozy pub where my grandpa used to take my brother and me in celebration of every birthday and Christmas.  The Brown Palace is magical this time of year with its immaculate seasonal decor and The Champagne Cascade, the renowned kick-off to the holiday season.  The event features an enormous champagne glass tower, where swordsmen saber bottles of Moet and a scissor lift is required to pour the champagne into the top glass of the tower!  The crowd went wild as the champagne cascaded down the 5,000 glass pyramid.

The Champagne Cascade is an affair that I’ve wanted to experience for several years, and I’m so glad my schedule finally allowed me to attend.  It’s an event that I’ll be sure to make part of my annual holiday tradition!

Cheers to enjoying the rest of the holiday season!

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