Lattice & Lace

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6.21.15 (2)


This powder blue, tiered dress is the epitome of ladylike charm.  The floral embroidery and lattice-work are simply beautiful.  I love the detail!  The yoke and hemline show just the right amount of skin so you don’t end up looking like sugar and spice and everything nice.

We celebrated Father’s Day with an al fresco dinner at my grandmother’s house and this dress was perfect for the gathering.  Grammy loves being outdoors and we usually sip iced-tea and/or cocktails on her back porch, which faces a hill full of wildflowers.  It’s a beautiful and peaceful retreat right here in the city, and one of my favorite places to spend time.  The breathable material of the dress is perfect for warm-weather wear.  This chic and effortless brand – SAYLOR – is quickly becoming one of my favorites!

On our way to dinner, Scott and I stopped to pick up flowers in The Highlands neighborhood and couldn’t help snapping a few shots.

6.21.15 (4)

6.21.15 (8)

I also wore this dress earlier in the year for the Kentucky Derby (one of our favorite events) and it matched my hat too well not to share!  Ladylike, lattice, and lace … the trifecta just like American Pharaoh’s Triple Crown.

Derby 2015

Shoes || Sunglasses || Bag

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