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Scott and I took some time before the baby comes to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway from San Jose to L.A.  We logged 530 miles in our rental car and made some amazing stops along the way.  The first leg from Monterey to Big Sur was one of my favorites.



BabyMoon - PCH 022

We had lunch in Monterey and took the time to drive the famous 17 Mile Drive which shows off the beautiful scenery, streets and streets of mega-mansions and our must-see stop Pebble Beach.  There’s no way Scott would let me miss that golf course!  Eat at The Bench for great views of the course and coast.

Carmel is just a short drive away and is one of the most charming cities I think I’ve ever visited.  The houses along the beach are so delightful and the flowers are unreal, plus they have a really cool district along and around Ocean Avenue with tons of cute shops and restaurants.  We stopped in Vino Napoli Wine Bar for a mandatory mid-afternoon dessert before heading back onto the open road.

Big Sur (1)

Big Sur (2)

BabyMoon - PCH 027


En route to Big Sur on our way down Highway 1 we stopped just before the Bixby Bridge for some amazing views and photo opps!  As you can probably tell I’ve been living in my new sunhat!  It’s the perfect accessory to cover up dirty hair and can be paired with an endless variety of outfits.

My airport (to lunch), (to road trip) to Big Sur outfit consisted of my go-to distressed maternity jeans, a flowy nautical top in navy and studded leather espadrilles.  Such a comfy yet still casually, cute outfit for traveling.

To see what all I packed for our trip down the California Coast check out this recent post.

BabyMoon - PCH 097

BabyMoon - PCH 083

BabyMoon - PCH 101

BabyMoon - PCH 055

Big Sur is simply magical.  The seclusion and the sheer beauty of the natural surroundings is awe-inspiring.  If you want to find a place to literally unplug it’s Big Sur.  Your cell phone service will be non-existent at best and most of the hotel rooms here don’t have televisions.  We stayed in a quaint little cabin near the river and while this was our version of “roughing it”, we really enjoyed the peace and tranquility.  The Ripplewood Resort where we stayed is situated along Highway 1 and offers cozy cabins complete with fire pits, patios overlooking the river and verdant surroundings with giant redwoods towering above.

BabyMoon - PCH 106

If you’re visiting Big Sur, the Big Sur Bakery is a great place to start your day.  Line up at 8:00 a.m. for fresh-baked pastries and specials from the local barista as they often sell out.  The full kitchen opens at 9:30 a.m. so if you’re wanting their famous avocado toast, make sure you don’t get there too early.


Although the weather didn’t exactly cooperate with our plan to have drinks at Sierra Mar at the Post Ranch Inn and watch the sunset, the views nonetheless are breathtaking.  Even though it was too cloudy to see the sunset, just touring the luxury resort and taking in the coastline from such a high vantage point made it a worthwhile excursion.  As the mist rolled in Scott was able to enjoy a local IPA while I sipped on lavender lemonade that would do Queen B proud, and at one point it literally felt like the restaurant was floating enclosed in a cloud!

BabyMoon - PCH 115

BabyMoon - PCH 122

BabyMoon - PCH 112

BabyMoon - PCH 154

BabyMoon - PCH 165

BabyMoon - PCH 177

It’s hard to fully explain the beauty of Big Sur, or even capture it on camera for that matter – especially if you’re battling overcast skies like we were – but the remoteness and the natural beauty make it extremely serene.  Two must-see stops in Big Sur are Pfieffer Beach and McWay Falls.  Pfieffer Beach has purple sand and is truly a sight to see.  We made our way to the beach early and luckily had it all to ourselves!  McWay Falls can be found on your way down the coast is commonly referred to as “the most perfect meeting of land and sea” and I honestly cannot argue with that.  McWay Falls is an 80-foot waterfall which lands on the shores of a secluded cove.  There are so many shades of blue in the pristine water.  It’s truly one of the most spectacular and beautiful things I have ever seen.

Stay tuned for more from our Babymoon Road Trip down the Pacific Coast Highway!

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