You baby, are My Exception

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Only you could keep me up at night, deprive me of so much sleep and still deserve smiles in the morning.

You alone could projectile vomit in my hair and have me feel bad for you, not myself.

Kissing anyone else’s feet, wouldn’t even be a consideration.  Or picking their nose.  Ick!

I wouldn’t cook for anyone else after they threw what I made on the floor.

You baby, are my exception.


I never knew how much I could carry, both literally and figuratively.

An infant, a car seat, my purse, the groceries. And coffee, don’t forget the coffee!

Family, work and somehow a surprisingly full social life.

Motherhood sure is a juggling act.


You’ve tested my limits.  Pushed my buttons.  Forced me to grow.

You are simultaneously the hardest, and yet the best thing I have ever done.

You have made me love infinitely more.  Harder.  Deeper.

You fill my heart.  Make my sun shine.  Add joy to my everyday.


And all of the late night wake-ups, diaper changes, tantrums and trials,

seem a small price to pay for the joy you bring to my world.

Your smirks, giggles and juicy open-mouth kisses

are payment enough sweetheart.


This Mother’s Day I want to thank you for making me a Mama.

It is the greatest gift.

I am the lucky one.

And you baby, are my exception.


With a Mother’s Love.  XO

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