Boho Embroidered Blouse

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I have been feeling a little bummed out with my lack of blogging lately.  It’s a creative outlet that I really enjoy and one which let’s me express my musings – typically involving fashion, family, travel and the not-so-occasional glass of bubbly.  With an infant at home it’s just plain hard to find time to write.

I was in a shop the other day with my family and the owner and I got to chatting, when I mentioned that I had a blog and that it’s gone somewhat by the wayside since Carter’s arrival, she said something that really struck a chord with me.  She said, “Well you don’t get a do-over with him.”  It’s such an obvious statement, but it really helped me to see that yes, my blog and some of my other hobbies have suffered but it’s all in the name of being the best mother I can be to my son and soaking up our precious time together.  Isn’t it funny how a complete stranger can really cut to the core of how you’re feeling and so easily express what you couldn’t clearly see?!

So if I’ve been a little M.I.A., now you know why and I’m okay with it.  My focus is on family and I’m doing my best to tie in the other stuff!


I recently stopped by one of my favorite boutiques, June Ruby as seen on my Insta, and found some really great items.  One of them being this beautiful mustard blouse with navy embroidery.  I adore the cut out, tied neckline adorned with floral embroidery.  It’s a really feminine piece that you can pair with relaxed denim.  The blouse is Tularosa, a brand which has a very bohemian vibe and although boho isn’t always my esthetic, it’s fun to mix it up every now and then.

Some other fun bohemian finds that are on my wish list from Tularosa include this indigo blouse with bell sleeves, lace blouse, bold maxi with cut out, and this romantic floral mini dress.



How cute would this top be with distressed, denim shorts and nude wedges?  Can you tell I’m ready for warmer weather?!?  But for now I’ve paired it with my trusty skinny jeans, brown booties (similar here and here) and a saddle bag (similar here, here and a dream bag here).


Hope to see much more of you soon!

Xx, Libby



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